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Master Spas, a leading spa manufacturer based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, announced that Kevin Richards has been named president of the company. Richards succeeds Terry Valmassoi, who has served as president and CEO. Valmassoi will remain in his role as CEO. “Kevin [Richards] is one of the most experienced and talented people in our industry,” says Valmassoi. “He has an entrepreneurial spirit with a creative mind for innovation, marketing and continuous improvement.” Richards, a Connecticut native, has been with Master Spas for 28 years. He has served in various capacities over his tenure, beginning in production and later working in customer service, retail sales and national sales manager roles. For the past decade, Richards has been part of the executive team, serving as vice president of sales and marketing. See also As president, Richards will continue to oversee the marketing and sales efforts while also leading the executive team. “Our team is creating the next generation of Master Spas hot tubs, swim spas and Chilly GOAT cold tubs to help people live life better,” Richards says. “It’s an honor to contribute to our mission of enhancing well-being and I can’t wait to see where we can take Master Spas next.”

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